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Are you thinking big enough? What's possible for you when you help a client succeed for two decades?

Discover the incredible impact Certified Succession Planners can have on a family-owned business over nearly two decades with this case study from The Rawls Group, a founding member of the ISPA®. Follow one client's journey as they navigate the complexities of family dynamics and business ownership to achieve successful outcomes. From real frustrations to real tears, this case study showcases the diversity of perspectives and expertise needed to facilitate win-win solutions.
This 19 page case study will show you the strategies, challenges, and unearthed opportunities throughout a trusted relationship. The case study highlights the power of the 10 areas of the Succession Matrix. This is what real succession planning is about.

  • Strategizing through phases of change for a client 
  • Uncovering, prioritizing, and tackling key business issues
  • Understanding and navigating family dynamics
  • Building strong internal and external strategic teams
  • Facilitating options for estate planning and financials
  • BONUS: Key Outcomes and insights

"The most important item I gained by obtaining training in succession planning was an understanding of the legion of drivers that impact a successful succession plan. It gave me the ability to understand my clients’ motives better (which in many instances are not fully articulated)." 

Leon M Rogers, CPA/ABV/CFF, CFE, CVA, CSP 
Managing Member, Tetrick and Bartlett

"I was always trying to find better ways to speak with business owners about succession planning. This training helped me transition from selling to asking better questions. This also enhanced my listening skills and I pivoted to teaching/consulting to their issues. I was better able to help privately held businesses move through the process of Succession, Exit and Transition."

Michael C. Valdez, AIF, CLU 
Founder & President- Business Transition Council