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Discover the opportunities for business growth and client service with the International Succession Planning Association® (ISPA). As a business advisor serving entrepreneurs and owners, integrating ISPA's advanced planning tools into your practice is an easy-to-implement complement to your existing services, establishing a lucrative ongoing revenue stream within your practice. By offering comprehensive succession planning solutions, you solidify your position as a trusted advisor, fostering enduring, fee-based relationships with your clients.

Join ISPA today to elevate your practice and become the go-to resource for businesses seeking strategic guidance and long-term success.

Who is the ISPA For?

Wealth Managers, Financial Advisors, & Insurance Professionals

Maximize AUM growth and product placement through integrating ISPA planning tools into your practice. Provide comprehensive succession planning services alongside your  wealth management, fee-based or insurance practice, unlocking consulting opportunities and expanding fee-based offerings. The strategic alignment with the ISPA amplifies client value and solidifies your position as a trusted advisor.      

CPA’s, Accountants, & Tax Planners

Grow your practice by effortlessly expanding your service offering beyond audits and tax returns, leveraging the advanced planning resources provided by ISPA. Seamlessly integrate a complementary succession service into your practice, facilitating upsell and cross-sell advisory services. This approach unlocks consulting opportunities, ensuring unparalleled success and limitless potential for both you and your clients.

Attorneys & Law Firms

Elevate your legal practice beyond estate planning and routine counsel. Position as the go-to advisor, seizing business advisory opportunities for increased billable hours. Integrate the complimentary skill set of succession planning expertise, ensuring a high ROI based on your existing practice. Boost client retention, unlock upsell and cross-sell possibilities, and expand your referral network for transformative growth.

Business Consultants & Coaches

Elevate business coaching with a holistic approach, integrating strategic succession planning. Navigate complexities in finance, technology, management, and strategy, understanding their impact on family dynamics. Reshape your practice, propelling you to new levels as a proactive advisor, delivering unparalleled value to family enterprises.

The Opportunity is Huge

There has never been a greater need for comprehensive succession planning than right now. With an aging population and uncertain economic times, business owners face complex issues impacting their long-term goals. Will you be the one who helps guide them through these changes?

What Steps Are You Taking to Secure Your Clients Future?

$30 trillion 

In the coming years, baby boomers are passing on around $30 trillion in assets to their heirs.


Around 15% of businesses have no written succession plan in place.


90% of younger workers (18-to-34) report that working at a company with a clear succession plan would improve their levels of engagement


Second-generation leaders of family-owned businesses have a 60% failure rate, and the succession from second-to-third generation has a 90% failure rate

What's Included in Our Comprehensive Membership?

Certified Succession

Embark on a transformative journey with our curriculum delving into the Succession Matrix—a comprehensive framework navigating the intricate interplay of family, financial, personal, and management dynamics crucial for business longevity. Master these complexities to excel as a trusted business advisor, establishing a sustainable consulting practice fueled by referrals from satisfied clients.

Succession Planning
Assessment & Toolkit

Unlock insights instantly with the CSP® Succession Planning Assessment Toolkit. Elevate client engagement and offer comprehensive succession planning services with this powerful resource for service advisors and consultants.


The core of the toolkit is a robust online assessment tool that evaluates an organization's readiness for succession.


Craft tailored succession plans effortlessly. In-depth training, step-by-step guidance for advisors.


Tools and best practices for seamless succession planning delivery and client guidance.

Succession News & Applied

At ISPA®, we go beyond providing essential knowledge and cutting-edge tools. With Applied Practice Resources, exclusive to ISPA® members, unlock a treasure trove of training, ideas, done for you templates, and guides for unprecedented success.


Dive into expert-led video sessions on succession planning, marketing, sales, and practice growth. Unlock insights for all levels


Follow a step-by-step process to seamlessly integrate succession planning into your practice, maximizing its impact.


Follow a step-by-step process to seamlessly integrate succession planning into your practice, maximizing its impact.

ISPA Core Philosophy

The Succession Matrix

Through an extensive national research and study program, the organizers of the ISPA identified the ten planning factors critical to the continuity of a business through the next generation. These interdependent factors, as a body, are referred to as the Succession Matrix.

The Succession Matrix is the foundation for the education programs and resources of the ISPA. 

About The Succession Matrix

The Succession Matrix describes the planning factors that the ISPA Board has confirmed as the predictable challenges impacting the continuity of a business through the next generation. Each of these critical factors, by virtue of their inclusion within the Matrix, can have a significant impact upon business succession. Depending upon the gravity of the circumstances, any one factor can significantly handicap the probability that a business can achieve Succession Success.

The factors of the Succession Matrix are also interdependent. Due to the compounding impact of this interdependence, extraordinary strength in some factors can support weaknesses in others. Reciprocally, a shortfall in multiple Succession Matrix factors can support the conclusion that significant enhancement of planning circumstances is needed to have confidence that the continuity of a business legacy is reasonable.

To assist business owners and their advisors in identifying business succession assets and liabilities, the ISPA has developed the Succession Planning Assessment (SPA), based upon the factors included in the Succession Matrix.

  • Owner Motivation and Perspective 
  • Personal Financial Planning 
  • Business Structuring 
  • Business Performance 
  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership and Management Continuity 
  • Successor Preparation 
  • Management Synergy and Teamwork 
  • Family Dynamics 
  • Family Governance

Are You Looking to Grow Your Practice?

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Multi-generational clients grow your business. Whether you are a lawyer, accountant, financial advisor, or consultant, we have a list of actionable strategies you can test today to motivate your clients to work with you long term.


Get this free resource of 12 powerful questions you can ask to identify client motivations and influence business owners to take action. Grow your business by having better discussions with prospects and clients immediately.


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This group is dedicated to connecting advisors, consultants & counselors who are or have an interest in working in the business succession planning field to globally promote the key concepts and to help the succession planning community learn, leverage resources & outperform. This group will promote an environment for sharing ideas, leveraging resources and will provide access to cutting edge professional development and planning resources.  

"I was always trying to find better ways to speak with business owners about succession planning. This training helped me transition from selling to asking better questions. This also enhanced my listening skills and I pivoted to teaching/consulting to their issues. I was better able to help privately held businesses move through the process of Succession, Exit and Transition.

The majority of a business owners wealth is locked in their business. To help them move, spend, transfer and distribute their wealth you need to be able to address and serve them where they need you. Our future is dependent of the continued success and growth of our Entrepreneurs."

Michael C. Valdez, AIF, CLU
Founder & President- Business Transition Council


Succession planning is a major priority for business owners right now. Are you prepared to help your clients navigate their long term needs as effefictively as possible?