Succession News and Applied Practice

Welcome to ISPA®'s Succession News & Applied Practice Resources—your gateway to success in succession planning.  As part of ISPA®, you're not just gaining access to information; you're stepping into a transformative experience designed to enhance your ability to serve your clients using comprehensive succession planning.  

As a member, you'll immediately feel the impact of our comprehensive suite of resources. We go beyond traditional education—our focus is on equipping you with the tools to take action. Harness the knowledge from the Certified Succession Planner (CSP) program, wield the strategic tools of the Succession Planning Assessment (SPA), and craft tailored strategies to elevate your business and attract more clients using the SNAP resources and training.

We also want SNAP to be an area we constantly develop and add resources and training that members request so we can always support you in your goals. 

Our mission is clear: empower our members to not just acquire knowledge but to leverage it effectively. 

Immediate Impact

We've tested the resources here, so you can hit the ground running, positioning yourself as a seasoned, value-added succession planner. We have even created proposal templates that are ready for you to customize.

Action-Oriented Approach

It's not just about knowledge; it's about practical application. Access marketing and sales how-to guides to communicate your value effectively. We have swipe files you can use that are plug-and-play.

Strategic Implementation

Utilize planning tools tailored to various facets of the Succession Matrix®—a blueprint for your success. Plan which clients to help, how to help them, and what to offer then to grow your business. 

Business Growth

Move beyond theory. Generate additional billable hours and consulting fees. Create compelling offers, build a formidable brand, and entice clients to seek more comprehensive services from you.

SNAP Resources

Here are some examples of the many downloads and guides in the SNAP resources section to help you implement your strategy.

We've spent the time building done-for-you guides and training, so you can spend your time on implementing the strategies and using the tools. Your success is our success. 

Ready to take your practice to new heights?

Discover a suite of advanced succession planning tools meticulously crafted for CPAs, wealth advisors, fee-based planners, exit planners, attorneys, and family business coaches. Tailor your approach with precision to align with your unique professional expertise.

"The most important item I gained by obtaining training in succession planning was an understanding of the legion of drivers that impact a successful succession plan. It gave me the ability to understand my clients’ motives better (which in many instances are not fully articulated). I did not pursue succession planning as a separate business endeavor but used the knowledge to assist my clients in engaging professionals that could help them move forward.

New business and retaining clients are not an issue. Influencing clients to act was. The more I know about building, operating, valuing, protecting, and eventually passing on a business, the better I can serve my clients in achieving their goals."

Managing Member, Tetrick and Bartlett