Take your practice to new heights and implement succession planning as your strategic advantage. Attract more clients and build long term success. 

Navigate the dynamic professional terrain with the International Succession Planning Association (ISPA®). Elevate your status as a trusted advisor and unlock substantial revenue growth. Join ISPA® to redefine your approach and seize lucrative opportunities in the ever-changing business advisory landscape.

What's Included In Our Comprehensive Membership Package?

Certified Succession Planner

Embark on a transformative journey with our curriculum delving into the Succession Matrix—a comprehensive framework navigating the intricate interplay of family, financial, personal, and management dynamics crucial for business longevity. Master these complexities to excel as a trusted business advisor, establishing a sustainable consulting practice fueled by referrals from satisfied clients.

Succession Planning Assessment & Toolkit

Unlock insights instantly with the CSP® Succession Planning Assessment Toolkit. Elevate client engagement and offer comprehensive succession planning services with this powerful resource for service advisors and consultants.


The core of the toolkit is a robust online assessment tool that evaluates an organization's readiness for succession.


Craft tailored succession plans effortlessly. In-depth training, step-by-step guidance for advisors.


Tools and best practices for seamless succession planning delivery and client guidance.

Succession News & Applied Practice 

At ISPA®, we go beyond providing essential knowledge and cutting-edge tools. With Applied Practice Resources, exclusive to ISPA® members, unlock a treasure trove of training, ideas, done for you templates, and guides for unprecedented success.


Dive into expert-led video sessions on succession planning, marketing, sales, and practice growth. Unlock insights for all levels


Follow a step-by-step process to seamlessly integrate succession planning into your practice, maximizing its impact.


Follow a step-by-step process to seamlessly integrate succession planning into your practice, maximizing its impact.

Member Benefits

As a business advisor, unlocking the potential of comprehensive succession planning is invaluable but intricate. Elevate your revenue with higher value offers, but success requires strategy, process, information, training, a network, and tools. Leverage the International Succession Planning Association for a head start today.


Embrace the power of succession planning education and certification to enhance your expertise, offering specialized services. Gain a competitive edge in the market through expanded knowledge and honed skills.


As the aging population confronts wealth transfer and business transitions, the demand for succession planning expertise rises. Professionals with this sought-after skillset are in high demand, addressing a crucial need.


Mastering succession planning expertise draws a distinctive client base—high-net-worth individuals, business owners, and families seeking specialized solutions for their unique succession needs.


Empower your professional toolkit with succession planning expertise. Offer comprehensive solutions, addressing immediate financial needs, long-term goals, and generational wealth transfer for clients


Navigate the complexities of succession planning with confidence. ISPA resources ensures professionals are well-versed in intricate legal and tax considerations, providing a solid foundation in laws and regulations.


Unlock a network of professionals by joining a succession planning membership. Engage in a community of like-minded individuals for valuable networking opportunities and shared insights.


Navigate complex financial and legal matters as an advisor or consultant to earn client trust. Cultivate lasting relationships, loyalty, and valuable referrals through your expertise and guidance.


Guide clients in identifying and mitigating risks tied to succession planning. Address tax implications, family conflicts, and unforeseen complications with professional expertise for a smoother transition..


Embark on a rewarding journey of professional growth and personal development by gaining expertise in succession planning. This path involves honing diverse skills, including financial, legal, and interpersonal expertise.

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Your Pathway to Success

At ISPA, we want to help you attain long-term success in your Succession Planning venture. To this end, we suggest that you take certain proactive steps to make the most of your experience. Our goal is to not only provide you with access to invaluable training and resources, but to also furnish you with powerful tools that you can utilize to help your clients in thriving and extending their enterprise

Follow these steps to make
the most out of your ISPA membership

Complete the CSP Curriculum

This phase involves dedicating yourself to a rigorous and comprehensive training program designed specifically for Certified Succession Planners (CSP). It encompasses delving into various aspects of your professional services. Throughout this training, you'll acquire specialized knowledge, tools, and techniques essential for becoming a proficient succession planning expert.

Pass the CSP Exam

After diligently working through the CSP training program, the next step is to demonstrate your expertise by successfully passing the CSP Exam. This exam rigorously evaluates your understanding of succession planning, ensuring that you are well-equipped to navigate the intricacies of guiding organizations through effective leadership transitions as a Certified Succession Planner.

Offer the Succession Planning Assessment (SPA) to Clients

With your CSP certification in hand, you can now extend your services to clients by providing a Succession Planning Assessment (SPA) as a service. This entails conducting in-depth evaluations of an organization's succession planning strategies and offering tailored recommendations to improve their succession processes. Your role is to assist clients in achieving their succession goals.

4. Deliver SPA as a Service

Building on your CSP certification, you will actively engage in delivering SPA services with professionalism and precision. This involves conducting thorough succession planning assessments, generating detailed reports, and effectively communicating findings and recommendations to clients. Your successful service delivery ensures that clients benefit from enhanced leadership succession practices.

5. Grow Your Business

To thrive in the field of succession planning as part of your professional services, it's crucial to build a robust professional network and expand your business. This phase involves actively connecting with industry peers, attending relevant conferences, and seeking opportunities to collaborate with other professionals. Expanding your network not only fosters knowledge exchange but also leads to potential business growth and partnerships.

6. Create Revenue Generating Opportunities

As a CSP, you can play a pivotal role in helping organizations establish and enhance their succession planning strategies. Your newfound expertise allows you to identify and create more revenue generating opportunities within organizations, and by accessing our supplemental training resources, you will be further equipped to contribute to the long-term success of your clients.

Membership Pricing


$247 USD

per month

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Yearly Plan

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