Boost Client Acquisitions: A Guide for Business Advisors

As a business advisor, understanding the succession process for business owners can significantly benefit your ability to attract and build a business owner practice successfully. Long-term thinking can be complex for some people in sales roles, but doing things the right way can make sales easier in the long run.

One way to approach the process is by focusing on the protection and smooth transition of the business to the next generation. This lens makes it easier to engage business owners earlier in their research and decision-making process before they reach out to salespeople with specific product inquiries.

As Joe Girard shares with Change Grow Achieve, most buyers are already 60% through the buying process before they inquire about products and services, so engaging them earlier when they're still trying to solve a problem, rather than just selling what they ask for, can help to avoid being commoditized and replaceable.

Conversations with business owners should revolve around what's important to them, not just what's essential to the advisor. Addressing their concerns positions financial advisors as Reliance advisors, fostering long-term client relationships.

To effectively engage business owners earlier in the buying process, understanding the nuances of the Succession Matrix® and knowing how each factor influences each other is incredibly helpful in assisting business owners in solving their problems. These tools can help to see things through the lens of the business owner, providing a more tailored and practical sales approach.

Regardless of your perspective about succession planning or what role you play in the process, keeping the business owner's concerns in mind is essential. Helping clients solve the root of their issues and providing sound advice can lead to long-term relationships that benefit both parties.

To enhance your influence and ability to work with business owners, check out the Certified Succession Planner™ program. This program provides the tools and knowledge to engage buyers earlier in the buying process and position yourself as a trusted advisor. Don't miss this opportunity to build long-term client relationships and become a successful business advisor.


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