Strategic Growth in Wealth Advisory: The Financial Harvest Success Story

In financial services and specifically wealth advisory, success is often measured by the growth of assets under management and the ability to navigate challenging market conditions. For David and Katie Witter, founders of Financial Harvest, this journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Looking back to 2009, David vividly remembers the financial industry's market challenges. During this time, Financial Harvest made a pivotal decision that would shape its future. It was the year David and Katie officially joined forces, one of many moves that would prove instrumental in their success.

Reflecting on the journey, the Witters acknowledge that one of the key factors behind their growth was their intentionality in building a successful firm. They were not just focused on the numbers but also on the values and vision that guided their work. Being a family business themselves, they were particularly attracted to helping other family businesses thrive.

To truly understand the needs and challenges of family business owners, David and Katie embarked on a journey to gain knowledge and confidence in the field of succession planning. As such, in 2014, they pursued the Certified Succession Planner™ designation, a program that provided them with valuable insights and tools to serve their clients better.

Through the program, the Witters gained deep knowledge of the unique and complex issues impacting family businesses, the key components in building succession plans, and the confidence to engage in meaningful conversations with their clients. Armed with this knowledge, they could provide tailored solutions to their clients, particularly those running family-owned businesses.

Pursuing the Certified Succession Planner™ designation proved to be a game-changer for Financial Harvest. It allowed them to understand the unique dynamics of family businesses. It armed them with the tools to have deep and thought-provoking client conversations allowing them to develop and implement strategies unique to each client's needs and visions. This expertise set them apart from competitors and positioned them as trusted advisors.

Today, Financial Harvest continues to grow and thrive. Thanks to David and Katie's unwavering commitment to their clients and dedication to building a successful firm. The Witters understand that success in the financial industry goes beyond the numbers and requires a deep understanding of their client's needs and aspirations.

As David and Katie reflect on Financial Harvest's origins and journey, they emphasize the importance of intentionality in building a thriving firm. By understanding the unique issues family business owners face through investing in the CSP™ to enhance their knowledge and expertise and deeply caring about their team and the success of their clients, Financial Harvest has earned the coveted role of trusted advisor to business owners.

The story of Financial Harvest is a testament to the power of intentionality and the value of gaining specialized knowledge in a specific area of expertise. Through their journey, the Witters have built a successful firm and made a meaningful impact on the lives of their clients, helping them navigate the complexities family business owners face and secure a prosperous financial future.

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