Business Advisor Testimonial: The Diverse and Rewarding Work of a Succession Planner

In a recent video testimonial, a seasoned succession planner Jeff Faulkner with The Rawls Group shared insights into his experience working with a long-time client, who, after exhausting various succession alternatives, decided to sell their business. Faulkner emphasized the importance of taking a long-term view when it comes to managing and preparing a business for succession, noting that the work he and his team had done over the course of a decade had not only helped him position the client for a successful sale but also creating lasting value for the business.

When Faulkner first began working with the client, one of the main focuses was coordinating the overwhelming complexity between the client's portfolio of businesses and investments. There was no thought of selling the business at that time. Over a decade, Faulkner and his team worked to simplify and streamline the client's operations, positioning the business for potential succession to the next generation.

However, when the client ultimately decided to sell the business to a third party, the work done to streamline and simplify the operations proved a significant asset. By removing the clutter and complexity from the business, Faulkner was able to help the client create a more attractive opportunity for potential buyers, which increased the value of the business and positioned the client for a successful sale.

Faulkner’s video testimonial illustrates that the work of a succession planner is diverse and incredibly rewarding. By helping business owners navigate the complexities of succession planning, advisors can create lasting value for their clients and contribute to their client’s ability to achieve their long-term goals. For business advisors looking to enhance their skills and knowledge in succession planning, the Certified Succession Planner™ designation offered by the International Succession Planning Association® (ISPA™) is a valuable source of in-depth knowledge. This program offers a comprehensive curriculum to help advisors better understand the intricacies of succession planning, including strategies for simplifying and streamlining operations and positioning business owners to achieve their unique long terms goals, whether it is transition to family, or sell to a key leader or third party.

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